About us

Kauppayhtiö Kannisto & Ruutikainen Oy (KaRu Oy) is your talented and experienced partner in the industry of plastic and composite products. Our key competence areas are various composite products, technical- and extremely high modulus injection moulded products, light-weight structures and components, state-of-the-art wood and plastic (bio) composites as well as processing and manufacturing technologies related to all of these products. We also excel in designing and leading projects that aim at manufacturing these products. We provide to or partners solutions ranging from just generating the idea all the way to rolling out mass-production – and anything in between. In this field we do have a solid experience of 26 years with several demonstrated success stories.

Our clients operate in the fields of infrastructure design, machinery, robotics, vehicle component manufacturing as well as sports and leisure products manufacturing. In extensive projects we do operate together with our partners as a network and we are proud to offer cutting-edge competence and technologies in our field. We will actively seek optimum solutions for our clients, ensuring that for each application we are able to provide the right and most cost-efficient materials, suppliers as well as manufacturing technologies. Sustainability and care for the environment are our key success factors and we strive to utilize latest, environmentally-friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies. In most cases our plastic and composite products can be either recycled or disposed of safely.

For further information, please contact us! kari.kannisto@karu-oy.fi, tel. +358 400 128150